5 Must-Have Landscaping Ideas for 2015

indoor-outdoor-living-space2015 and spring is rapidly on its way. Don’t let your garden just sit there – ramp up its appeal with one of these five must-have landscaping ideas.

1. Indoor/Outdoor Flow

Boost the living space of your home by breaking down the barriers between the outdoor and indoor. Widen doorways; consider replacing the back wall of your home with floor-to-ceiling windows and French doors (or even a transparent wall).

Choose a polished tile for the patio or decking that continues nicely from your kitchen tile, or go for a paving that aligns nicely with your indoor floor design. Opening up this space to become more ‘living-friendly’ will help you feel that you have more living space for when friends come over or those hot summer days.



2. Columnar Trees

Columnar trees┬ácan look beautiful as an alternative garden wall and give a neater, almost regal feel to your garden. Fastigiate Hornbeams are likely to work best, along with Cypress tress; European Green Beeches or Japanese Holly ‘Sky Pencil’ trees (anything that will grow upwards, not outwards).

Shape your trees with regular pruning, to either become dense hedges; trim topiaries or to grow flat against an existing wall. This look can look stunning with paired with freshly mowed grass or some good AstroTurf.

3. French Drains

Rather than try to hide the drainage and irrigation in your garden, why not turn it into a beautiful decoration piece or focal point?

French drains can look pretty and sophisticated when installed parallel to another edge in your garden (such as a wall or the edge of decking/a lawn). They run much like a border on a carpet and are perfect for conservatories (or other indoor-outdoor area), for a sleek and elegant addition.

4. Rock Gardens

Add a touch of the wild to your garden with an impressive rock garden. Whether you’re choosing to replace the lawn with pebbles (overlaid with some decking) or just want to confine the feature to a specific part of your garden, rock gardens are low-maintenance and bring distinct variety to your landscape.

Rock gardens can also be implemented in individual flower beds or planters. They are in season all year round and there are countless different rock/stone styles to choose from. Talk to a professional landscaping company in Liverpool to learn what variations will suit your garden’s existing design and shape best.


5. Fire Features (or Fire ‘Pit’)

A sure way to get friends flocking to your garden this spring/summer is with a stunning fireplace feature. Often situated in the center of one’s patio or lawn, a fire pit makes your garden a true gathering place – ideal for those long, hot, barmy summer nights.

Whether you simply use it for generating heat and light, or prefer to use it to toast marshmallows and make every night feel like camping(!), a fire feature can be the perfect addition to make those barbecues and summer get-togethers last longer.