Why Artificial Grass is Actually a Great Idea

I always said I’d hate to be a lawnmower salesman and I continue to stand by those words today. Particularly now when Lawnmower ownership is dropping rapidly thanks largely to a boom in people getting artificial grass fitted in their gardens to save time and money on labour costs.

In Liverpool Artificial Grass NW are leading the surge in the installation of artificial grass. Elderly couples who struggle to maintain their lawn, busy families with no time to give to the garden and landlords who don’t want to be paying for someone to maintain the garden, everyone seems to be investing in artificial grass.

Twenty years ago I would never have considered doing it to my own lawn, you could spot artificial grass from a mile away. However now artificial grass is indistinguishable from the real stuff. Only the lack of bare patches, muddy puddles and brown grass during summer may give guests an indication of the true nature of your lawn.

A few examples below from Artificial Grass NW show just how realistic it can now look. Some of them even have lawnmower stripes on them!

 astro turf Artificial Grass Liverpool