The Best Garden Shows To Visit This Spring And Summer


Spring is the beginning of gardening season, and thus it is also the beginning of the season for gardening shows. A perfect place to learn some tricks of the trade and take some inspiration from other gardeners, gardening shows make for a wonderful day out if you are passionate about the outdoors. However, when there are so many taking place around the United Kingdom, deciding which to prioritise can be difficult. Here are four of the ones we love the most:

Harrogate Spring Flower Show

April 23rd to April 26th

One of the most popular independent gardening events in the United Kingdom as ranked by Which readers, the Harrogate Spring Flower Show has plenty for garden lovers to enjoy. There are forums for people to discuss gardening with Q&A sessions at the Dig It Garden Theatre, there are cookery demonstrations throughout the event for those who looking to discover great new recipes, and new to 2015 are a series of How-To demonstrations for creating the perfect garden. Tickets range from £13.50 to £18.00 depending on the day of entry and whether or not you choose to book in advance.

Garden Show Ireland

8th May to 10th May

Part of the appeal of the Garden Show Ireland is its incredible location. It’s situated at the 400 year old gardens of Northern Ireland’s impressive Antrim Castle. However, there is still plenty of content for garden enthusiasts at the show, especially for families as there is an opportunity for kids to go foraging, try the climbing walls and enjoy a bean bag cinema. It is the perfect garden show from all the family. Tickets are £10 for adults and children get in free.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

19th May to 23rd May

Created by a charity called RHS, the Chelsea Flower Show is perhaps the most iconic of all the garden shows in the United Kingdom. It has been around since 1804. Because of this, the Chelsea Flower Show is the most expensive you will attend. Tickets can cost between £24 and £69. But it’s worth the cost as talent both young and old will be attendance and hundreds of exhibitions are planned for the event.

BBC Gardener’s World Live

June 11th to June 14th

Coming to the NEC arena in Birmingham this summer is the BBC’s Gardeners’ World show live. There will be plenty to enjoy from show gardens on display for inspiration to a floral marquee with plants to buy from the Royal Horticultural Society. There will also be experts on hand giving talks throughout the day about everything from gardening to homecare, such as Anne Swithinbank, Carol Klein, Jim Buttress, Mary Berry and much more. Tickets cost £22.50.

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Why a Hog Roast is a great way to show off a new garden

The summer season is close and you have just completed a huge amount of Landscaping work on your garden.

You have battled through all the mud, rain and dirt. You have dealt with all the problems that come with major landcaping work. You have paid the final amount to the landscaping contractor and now you can finally enjoy the fruits of your investment.

After a few days of relaxing in the sun on your new perfectly installed turf, admiring your new flowers, trees and fencing, you now decide it is time to show off your new garden to your friends, family and neighbours but are unsure as to what you want to do.

You maybe thinking about having something similar to a ‘house warming’ party, or you could just opt for the standard BBQ however after all the investment you have made, you feel that you want that something a bit more special.

Well, as a possible answer to your problem, have you ever thought about hiring the services of a profesisonal Hog Roast?

Hog Roasts are fast becoming the new party choice simply because they are a great way to serve food to a vast amount of people but also, it enables you to bring in something more unique.

So next time you are looking for a way to show off your new garden and impress your friends, family and neighbours, you could do a lot worse than higher in a professional Hog Roast catering company.

Why a Tree Surgeon should always use a Scissor Lift

When people think about Landscaping, its fair to say that dealing with problem trees (especially the bigger ones) is usually last on peoples minds.

They will often look to tackle the obvious things such as lawns, plants, fences, patio and decking before tress even come into their minds.

Fortunately, there are professional companies who specialise in just this, dealing with problematic trees and they are called ‘tree sugeons’.

If you do have a problematic tree that you want dealing with, maybe as a one-off job or as part of a bigger landscaping project, then it is always advisable to hire a tree surgeon instead of attempting to deal with it yourself to avoid serious injury (or even death).

So, you have recognised that you have a tree which needs attention, you have contacted a few local tree surgeons and identified the best company for you. The question is then, how do you know they are operating in a safe way?

The key to answering this question is the use of a Scissor Lift. By using a Scissor Lift, a tree surgeon dramatically improves safety for them and everyone else in the local vicinity as it allows the tree surgeon to work higher in a more controlled way.

A Scissor Lift basically acts as a raisable working platform that lifts the tree surgeon to the specific height they need to work at, maybe to cut some big branches or to cut sections at strategic locations to help the tree fall in a specific  direction.

So there you have it, if you do hire a tree surgeon, make sure they have access to a Scissor Lift so that safety is always at the forefront of the work they do.

Author Bio:

Carl Smith is the Brand Manager for Kimberly Access Group Ltd, One of the UK’s leading Scissor Lift Hire companies.

Gardening with a little help from your children

Kids Gardening

It can be tough coming up with new ideas of how to keep your children entertained. One option I have found particularly useful, is getting them involved with gardening. Not only does this keep them occupied but it also keeps them active and healthy.

In order to keep them interested in the garden, make sure you shop around for some children’s garden tools. Giving them their own tools gives your children a sense of importance and will get them a lot more involved with the gardening.

One of the major benefits of getting children’s garden tools is that costs involved are a lot less than your standard garden tools. When looking for the tools make sure you buy from a company that has got a good reputation and the products are built from robust materials.

Once your child has a decent tool collection, give them areas of the garden where they can put there tools to work! If you have worked on your garden for a long time and it’s your pride and joy, give them an area that isn’t too much on show. (We know how messy kids can be!) This way they can’t undo all of your hard work.

Be sure that when you have finished your gardening for the day, that your child stores their garden tools in safe, secure place. This means that when it comes to the next gardening session, all the tools are in the correct place.  This teaches your children to look after their equipment which can give them good habits for the future.