The different styles of Paving that are popular today

How many times have you stepped out recently, maybe in your front garden or back garden and seen how tired your current paving looks?

If you fall into this bracket then you will be forgiven in thinking that as summer approaches, you want to do something about it.

Well, in this article we will be discussing some of the different paving styles that are popular with home owners across the country.

Block Paving:

Block Paving has always been a firm favourite because although it adds a lot of cosmetic appeal to a property, it is also usually made from solid sandstone which means that it will last a very long time and will be able to withstand heavy erosion from the harsh weather seasons.

Another positive for using Block Paving is that it has a lot of variations in design, colours and of course, when it comes to specific patterns, you really can create any design you want.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete:

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is the other form of paving which is really coming into vogue these last few years.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is abit like Block Paving however the blocks are more smaller which usually means you have more flexibility in design.

The one thing that really stands out when you use Pattern Imprinted Concrete is that you tend to get a better finish as you can get much more tidier cuts and sealings.

So there you go, the above two styles are the ones that everyone seems to be going for these days so if you feel you need to upgrade your paving, its worth looking into them further.


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