What to look for in a new Driveway

When it comes to creating your dream driveway, it is always best to do some pre-planning beforehand as this will identify any issues which you may not have thought about initially.

A new driveway should be wide enough to accomodate easy parking, should be strong enough to cope with even the most heaviest of trucks whilst being weatherproof to withstand the most harshest of seasons.

In terms of materials used, again, it is always advisable to do your homework on different suppliers to get a better understanding of the different types of materials and the associated costs. Another good idea is to speak to a driveway specialist as they will usually have great contacts and will usually be able to source the same materials but at a reduced cost.

Once you have pre-planned your driveway and identified the type of materials you would like to use, now you need to select a driveway specialist that will create your dream driveway for you.

When selecting a driveway specialist, first and foremost you want to see their portfolio of previous driveway projects that they have completed. Most driveway specialists will have a website which you can consult, however, most will have a folder with all their previous jobs in with breakdowns of materials used and completion timescales.

Once you have established a driveway specialist with a good track-record, next you want to establish if they can source the exact same materials you have identified but at a reduced cost. If they can, great, if not, do not worry as they will usually be able to source more standard materials (such as grout, hardcore etc) at reduced costs.

Finally, once you have found a driveway specialist with a great track record and good supplier contacts, you now need to discuss the project timeframe. First you need to establish how long the job will take to complete from start to finish (so you can make other arrangements with car parking etc). Once you have established this, next you need to establish if any external equipment is needed such as skips, diggers etc and if they can cost that into the job.

Once this has all been completed, it will usually be a case of signing a form and exchanging a deposit. You can then inform any neighbours that building work will be commencing for a period of time.

This articl was supplied by Moss Landscaping Cheshire who specialise in Driveways Cheshire & Surrounding Areas.